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Medical Support to Baby Sultan Shaikh

Baby Sultan Shaikh, 9 Months old, Case/File No. CP/00208 is presently suffering from Cancer problems certified by the hospital authority and is being treated in a hospital.

Baby Sultan Shaikh, 9 Months old and he needs to undergo Chemotherapy. Due to his poor financial condition they could not operate him and his health started deteriorating day by day and they took him to Tata Memorial Hospital and Research Center. Doctors informed them that he requires an urgent Chemotherapy.

His Father work as a helper at kirana shop and his family’s monthly income is 1750/- which is insufficient and therefore they cannot spend the sum of Rs. 1 lakh, needed urgently for his treatment and such his death is imminent if we do not help him.

We sincerely appeal to YOU to come forward and extend your support to the needy Cancer patients especially children. Can be reach to all the details on;

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