‘’We cannot always have a Happy ending But if we don’t try, We don’t even give it a chance’’


Health N Care Foundation core team members were visited few orphanage to understand their problems and found few children’s who were needed help from the society. 15 children, full orphans, had gathered into a tiny room with dirt floors and cinder block walls to eat their meal for the day being provided by a local organization, who has been suffering from lack of financial support for past 2 years and urged Health N Care Foundation for immediate help for basic needs. The children ranged from ages 3 to 14, and there wasn't a parent or guardian in sight. They were completely alone. These children had no families, no proper clothing, and no sense of stability whatsoever. They needed a place to call home.

After spending time with these children, we simply could not turn our eyes and hearts aside. These children needed a safe place to call home, and we were determined to make that happen. Health N Care Foundation decided to adopt this orphanage home and pave a platform for their bright future.

We are in the mission to help few Orphan children so that they can also get proper meals, clothes, education and all the essentials thing with lots of happiness. We all are god children and due to god grace we get our lovely parents but they didn't, therefore they didn't get essential thing in their life & if we will help them then at least some one get happiness. Remember No one can change whole words but you can change whole world of someone.