About Us

Health N Care Foundation is a registered charitable trust ( Reg: No :E32259 Mumbai ) aims at creating a long and strong relationship between People who needed and people who can help to generate funds for the wellbeing of the homeless children, Cancer Patients, Oldage. Situated in Maharashtra, Health N Care foundation works closely to the children who are suffering from cancer and to provide sufficient fund for their hospitalisation. With your help and support we can save someone’s life and change the way these children live and provide the children a new meaning to their lives. Health N Care Foundation needs your support to help us for homeless children, Cancer patients and old age people.

We are a Social Development Organization (A registered Charitable Trust in India) with a few likeminded people from different parts of Maharashtra who share among us a drive to do our bit towards the making of a cognitive society. With an intention to put collective efforts, We are here to work together and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift the lives of those children who grow with inadequate education, resources and psychological supports - several calls them as "Underprivileged" and "Orphans". Check out What We Do to know what all we do and what all we want to do. If you think you can relate to our cause - You Can Help to see how you can change the lives of unfortunate children yourself.

Our Activities

To rehabilitate the street children. To adopt orphan children below the age of 12 years. To provide Education/Training/Courses to the poor underprivileged children and make them independent i.e.to earn their own livelihood. To provide them with medical treatment. To provide them the basic necessities of life. Also provide scholarships, prizes or awards to the deserving poor students. To provide help to the senior citizens of India and physically handicapped person who are neglected and abandoned by their own families and relatives

Other Public Welfare

Giving donations to any medical and other charitable institutions or trusts. Providing of Medical treatment, medicines or medical apparatus required to be given to any deserving patient who cannot bear the same on their own. Helping people affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, fire, floods riots or accidents. Spreading educational awareness in rural and tribal areas and creating interest of taking education and learning.